Thank you for visiting Exportation Sensation!

Here at Exportation Sensation we act as your personal address in the US so you can order goods from a variety of online retailers that only ship to US addresses. Simply email us to set up an account and get shopping today!

How To Sign Up

Email us at exportationsensation@gmail.comwith the following information:

Family Name:
Given Name:
Postal Code:
Phone Number:
Paypal Email:

We will email you back with your own unique US address that you can use to start shopping right away!

How To Order

Order your goods directly from US retailers and use your personal US shipping address when you check out. We will email you when your package arrives at our warehouse. Packages may be stored with us for up to 30 days for free.

When you would like us to ship your package to you, email us to request a shipping invoice. We will send you the invoice through Paypal. Once your invoice is paid we will ship your package. Please pay invoices within 14 days to avoid late fees.

Service Fees

Here at Exportation Sensation we do not charge any account or set up fees!

We only charge our Handling Fee and International Shipping when you use our services. Our Handling Fee is $15 USD per package plus 25% of the cost of shipping.

We ship with USPS and will default to EMS shipping unless you request a different method. You can calculate the cost of shipping here: Postage Calculator

Paypal invoices not paid within 14 days will be subject to a 5% Late fee.

Package Consolidation

We are happy to combine packages to help you save on International shipping. In the event you would like us to combine packages please email us to tell us which packages you would like to combine. Our Handling Fees are $15 for the first package and $5 for each additional package you would like to consolidate. 25% of the cost of shipping also still applies.

Payment Method

We only accept Paypal payments at this time. Please provide us with your Paypal email when signing up for your account.

Operation Times

Please allow 1-3 business days between:

Weekends and holidays do not count as business days.


Please be aware that Exportation Sensation cannot ship anything that would violate International law. Exportation Sensation is not responsible for any import fees your country may charge for your package. Exportation Sensation will not declare the value of your package to be less than what it is. We highly recommend you insure your package as Exportation Sensation is not responsible for any damages that may occur during shipping.